Healthcare Industry

Tips to use Social Media for Healthcare Industry

People take their health very seriously and most of them do extensive research before choosing a clinic or doctor. Word of mouth is critical in this as most of us ask for recommendations / advice from our friends and relatives. We hold others opinion of the clinic / doctors at a high value , especially when it comes to healthcare. This is where Social Media comes in as it is the digital age’s "word of mouth on steroids" !!! Hence, it is critical that Social Media is a key part of your Clinic’s marketing strategy

  • Encourage your patients to "check in" on social media when they visit your clinic
  • Create video testimonials of satisfied patients and share them
  • Incentivize posting on social media about your clinic

Share Valuable, Informative Content

A very good practice is to maintain a blog that has high value information, this greatly improves your credibility. Videos are especially valuable when it comes to healthcare as people like to hear directly from healthcare professionals:

  • 10 Tips for safe weight loss
  • How can hypertension be controlled?
  • Salt and Hypertension-a killer brew?
  • Can you eat chocolates if you are diabetic?
  • Is my allergy actually asthma?

In all the above cases, try to give it as a piece from one of your practitioners, as it will greatly improve their and the clinic’s standing. Encourage your fans to share this information to their friends for greater visibility for your clinic

Promotional Campaigns

These are also good to share and create good word of mouth publicity. Eg. Free diabetes screening during Ramadan, Free BP and Cholesterol testing during the first week of June

Fan Club

Begin a Fan Club for your Clinic. Select a Fan of the Month and invite them to visit your clinic.

Post pictures and create excitement

Exclusive Fan Events

This is very cost effective and you can either have a broad or very narrow, segmented targeting done.

  • Define a very narrow, target market-location, demographics etc that you like your clinic to reach
  • Promote to only certain areas
  • Promote special deals that you want to push aggressively

Thus, it is high time Clinics recognise the power of the "word of mouth on steroids" and seriously look at Social Media marketing to build their client base, loyalty and long term brand equity in these highly competitive times