Instagram in Destination Marketing - Leveraging Envy !!!!

The pale shafts of the midnight sun struck the still blue waters of the Fjord, sending specks of gold up in the air, while I watched my friend, stretched out on an armchair on a pier, eyes closed and with a contented smile on his face! I was filled with jealousy and anger-how could he relax in one of the most beautiful places on earth whereas I was slaving away at the office, stressed out, desperately glancing at the clock. This is what Instagram does to you, and at that moment, I decided that my next trip has to be Norway !

Yes, imagery is a very powerful tool to inspire travel. I am sure all of you have had this experience, when you had a look at your friend’s vacation photos and decided in an instant that you had to see that place too. This is the prime reason that Instagram is one of the most powerful tools in Destination Travel marketing through social media. A clever use of Instagram can play a huge role in inspiration destination travel more than any glossy brochure.

Some of the methods that can be used to promote destination marketing are :

  • Establish a Hastag-this will help bring all the user generated content under one umbrella and in course of time will grow
  • Encourage user created content-one way is to run interesting contests on the best photographs / videos of the destination
  • Creating moments that invite content-Encourage your visitors to share beautiful content by pointing out the special spots in your city. For eg, at special vantage or look out points, have a picture frame, with the Hashtag #your city !
  • Run regular prizes (on a monthly basis) for the best picture, best selfie etc and highlight the winners
  • Encourage local businesses such as Hotels, Tour Operators to be part of this initiative