Social Media marketing

Social Media and Restaurant Marketing

People love to eat and they also love to talk food ! What better place to discuss and promote food than social media? Social Media, the new "word of mouth on steroids" is the ideal platform to promote your restaurant and build long term emotional connect and brand equity. When social media is effectively used, it can increase your restaurant's awareness as well as motivate diners to walk in the door.

Engaging your customer is more than offering specials and deals. It is about creating a relationship with your customers, enticing them with your food. For this you have to think like your customer. If you were joining a conversation on your FB page, what would you want to know? What would you care about? Now start thinking what different types of your customers look like? What is their demographics? How old are they? It is critical to know these aspects if you are to market to them successfully. Luckily, Facebook can provide all these answers.

Next decide what tone you would take on your FB Page? Are you the neighborhood hangout? Or a fine dining establishment? Or fast casual? Or Traditional, Authentic? Whatever your niche-find your voice-playful, friendly, serious, educational or a combination of all

It is critical to realise that Facebook is a social platform, and the most successful restaurants using FB are leveraging the social atmosphere. They are sharing interesting and engaging content, mouthwatering photos of their food, tips and tricks and much more. Then , they entice consumers with a few offers and outright sales pitches !

Offer Value to your customers-Your Recipes !

For a foodie, what can be more valuable than a recipe, coming from his favorite restaurant and favorite chef. This will tell your customers that you are important to them and part of an exclusive club by sharing a recipe. This does not have to be your "secret recipe", but coming from you, it will still be highly appreciated and certain to be shared with all their friends.

Eg. Authentic Malabar Chicken Curry

Traditional Goan Fish Curry

These recipes can also be in the form of videos, which are even more effective

Reviews / Feedback

Encourage your Fans to post reviews / feedback-this will serve to improve your offerings as well make your customers feel wanted and valuable.

Encourage "Check Ins"

Encourage diners to "check in" whenever they visit your restaurant-this is an effective way to attract more attention, read more business. The more "check ins", indicate more popularity and will attract other curious diners

Fan of the Week

This is a terrific way to build engagement on your FB page. Pick one fan per week and highlight them on your FB page. Invite them to your kitchen to help your Chef. Post pictures of your fan eating in your restaurant , highlighting their favourite dish ! This is certain to boost your engagement and build loyalty and excitement

Meet the Chef

Build a personality around your chef. Build him up ! Have an "Ask the Chef" corner where your chef interacts with your customers and gives them tips. After all, a good Chef can make or break a restaurant. Let your Chef acquire a personality , it will be a very good long term branding tool for your restaurant.


People like to answer questions and quizzes are a great marketing tool to instantly spark conversations / create topics. A great way to build engagement

Eg. What is the perfect time to marinate chicken?

What is your favourite rice dish?

Share interesting facts about your restaurant

Eg. How many eggs are used every week? How many kilos of rice every day? How many steps does the waiting staff walk every day?

Fan Recipe Contest

Invite your Fans to send in their recipes and photos. Select the best five and feature them in your next weeks specials with credit to the creators ! A great marketing opportunity !

Pictures, Pictures, Pictures

Food is all about visual impact. Keep posting tempting, high quality pictures of your dishes. This alone is sufficient to entice your consumers to come charging in !!!


Last but certainly not the least, use the power of Facebook advertising to regularly highlight deals using the powerful segmentation tools of FB-location, demographics, interests etc.

Tackle the mid week slump by offering 10% Tuesdays

Fill in slow hours by offering a 15% discount before 7 PM

Use FB Advertising feature to announce the launch of a new Signature Dish