Healthcare Industry

Instagram in Healthcare Marketing-a very graphic choice

Weird as it sounds, Instagram can be a very powerful addition to your social media arsenal if you are a healthcare provider ! Instagram is a high engagement, visual medium with a far greater engagement compared to Facebook or Twitter, largely due to the fact that people tend to engage more with visual content rather than text. So , how can Instagram help you clinic / hospital in building a relationship with your clients and community at large ?

  • Attract new patients / clients with pictures of your facilities / doctors
  • Building a loyal fan following by posting interesting, useful content
  • Give your clinic a human face by posting pictures of your staff
  • New equipment or facility or doctor
  • Video interviews with your key doctors
  • Before and After pictures of your patients (of course, with their permission)
  • Patient testimonials
  • Quick , timely health tips
  • Pictures of your key doctors at work
  • Special offers / promotions
  • Use the Hashtag # feature to widen the scope of your posts. You can use as many as 30 Hashtags for a single post
  • Advertising on Instagram is a powerful way to reach your targeted audience.