Social Media marketing

Social Media for FMCG Brands – Establish an emotional connect with your customers !!!

A brand is a personality, an aspiration, a set of values, a promise and much more ! Each brand has a unique identity and space and a set of customers who identify with its value proposition and personality. In the dog eat dog world of FMCG Marketing, it is imperative that brands establish and sustain a long term emotional connect with their consumers, who are under constant temptations from competing brands vying for their dollars and attention !

Brand Loyalty is that elusive elixir which sustains a brand. Why do some customers stay loyal to a brand over a lifetime, whereas some customers switch their loyalties at the sight of the first price off from the competition ? It is because there is a strong emotional connect and trust that has been established over the years and it is here that social media can play a critical role.

1.      Give your brand a personality or voice – is your brand serious or playful, masculine or tender? Is it young and trendy or mature and logical ? The way you interact with your customers on social media will shape the personality of your brand , as perceived by your consumers

2.      Interact with your consumers directly – Social media gives you a chance to interact directly with your consumers, getting to know them better which can help you devise strategies for product development and future growth

3.      Emotional Connect – You can establish an emotional connect with your customers very easily , inviting them to form Fan Clubs, reward loyal fans, run special schemes for your fans

4.      Use your Fans – Use your fans to spread the brand message, ask them to share brand news, get new customers on board

5.      Advertising – Social Media advertising is much more focused and effective as compared to print and TV, as narrow targeting is possible with regard to demographics, interests, location etc, thus avoiding wastage.

6.      Promotions and Offers – Promotions and Offers, the lifeline of any sales drive, can be very effectively implemented through Social Media