Social Media marketing

FMCG Brands – Give your brands a personality and voice with Social Media Marketing

One of the biggest challenges marketers face in the super crowded FMCG Brand space is to stand out from the clutter and differentiate their brand from the me too or also ran brands. This in fact, is the crux of the branding conundrum – how do brands establish their unique identity or personality with their consumers. This is the reason billions of dollars have been spent and are being spent in creating a “brand identity” or voice. As the media as we know it shifts inexorably to the digital era sounding the death knell of conventional media, marketers are forced to face the question : Is Digital or Social Media a boon or bane for branding ?

One of the key aspects of Social Media is that it is “Social” or interactive – it is not a monologue as in the case of conventional media. There is a dialogue and direct connection established between the brand and the consumers. This in fact, solves the key issue faced by marketers – how do I communicate my brand values directly to my consumers without any clutter or static ? Thus, Social Media is an invaluable marketing tool in the hands of brand marketers as it provides them with a platform to interact directly with their consumers, communicate their brand values, build a brand personality or tone all in a two way process. The way you interact with your consumers will define your brand personality – are you funny, casual, serious, professional, traditional, or modern ? The tone you adopt on social media has to be compatible with your brand personality or else it can send confusing signals to your consumers. If your brand is new and does not yet have a well defined “personality”, your Social Media presence can help shape the brand identity. For a Fun Brand targeted at the youth, your interactions have to be casual, friendly and upbeat. For a brand based on the “health platform”, your Social Media presence has to convey energy, vitality and positive energy.

Thus, a well thought out Social Media strategy can be a very cost effective way to shape your brands personality and offers you unmatched opportunities to interact directly with your end consumers, something which is not possible with conventional media. In the very near future, as conventional media gets phased out, the new battle field for brand supremacy is going to be fought on Social Media ? Is your brand battle ready ??Digital Marketing for FMCG Brands !